Safety & Training

Probst Electric is committed to SAFETY and places it as the number one priority. Safety is a core corporate value. Probst Electric’s management team provides strong safety leadership, and instills a sense of ownership in our employees that helps to embrace excellence in all aspects of safety. We provide proactive safety management systems and occupational health processes to mitigate and eliminate accidents and injuries. Probst Electric has a comprehensive safety and training program which ensures all employees receive extensive instruction for the many different classifications that exist in the electrical utility field. Our OSHA certificated safety and training director ensures that all training guidelines are carefully implemented and skillfully managed, so that each Probst Electric employee is at the top of the industry’s performance levels. Probst Electric knows that it’s in the best interest of our employees, their families, our customers and the public that we require every employee to make safety, and working safety, their number one priority. Our management’s commitment to safety, and our proactive safety processes, enhance and support our goal of Zero Unsafe Acts. 


-Bare-hand Training

-CPR Certification

-First Aid Certification

-OSHA 10-hour Electrical T&D

-OHSA 20-hour Leadership

-OHSA 30

-Qualified Rigger

-Qualified Signal Person


-Aerial Operations

-Confined Space

-Digger Derrick

-Electriacl Equipment Testing

-Equipment Specific Training

-Helicopter Safety

-Lock out/tag out

-Pole Top and Bucket Rescue

-Trench Safety


-Accredited Apprenticeship Program